Customized Human Resources Solutions

UVOL provides customers with customized human resources solutions that help them increase the return on investment of human capital and reduce legal r

Fast Delivery
Mature management team and operation system
Quickly respond to all types of recruitment and employment needs
Cost Savings
The use of outsourcing, dispatch, agents, internships and so on
Optimize employment structure and save labor cost
Avoid Risk
UVOL assumes the employer's responsibility of employment relationship
Ensure employment compliance and reduce employment risks
Increased Efficiency
Recruitment, social security and provident fund, compensation, contracts and so on
Responsible by UVOL, the enterprise focuses on the core business

Flexible Employment

According to the job characteristics and the peaks and troughs of labor demand, the enterprises can flexibly increase or decrease the number of workers employed through UVOL to meet the demand for phased or seasonal employment. Enterprises can adopt flexible employment mode to employ people on demand, do not need to consider personnel recruitment, entry or resignation process, employer liability risk and other matters, effectively improve employment efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Personnel Agent

UVOL can help customers improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs, through the integration of human resources professional resources, centralized processing and professional division of labor.  We provide agency services, including agency social security and provident fund, commercial insurance, agency payroll, personnel dispatch and other human resources services.
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Vocational Education

UVOL's technical education service can provide vocational colleges with curriculum design system, enterprise staff training that match with the real market demand. We also provide students with learning practice courses and employment placement services. At present, the Group's high-quality corporate resources, such as in mechatronics, automotive manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, and cooperate with nearly 100 institutions.

200 people
Team management is over
Branches more than
The secondary level service network exceeds
10 years
History of enterprise development